Commercial & Residential Septic Cleaning Services in Sarnia-Lambton

At Central Sanitation in Sarnia-Lambton, we provide a range of septic cleaning and holding tank services. We do pump-outs for commercial, industrial and residential clients, and our vacuum truck services include catch basin maintenance and holding tank maintenance and installation. A complete list of the services we provide includes:

Holding Tank Rentals 

Installed for short-term or long-term rental. Our engineered holding tank installations are licensed and follow strict guidelines.

Catch Basin Cleaning 

We offer regular maintenance schedules or emergency service.

Jetter Service

A high pressure jet line with a specially designed head breaks up blockages and jets the debris back to the opening.

Camera Devices

Our cameras locate blockages and allow you to examine your lines.

Locate Services

Along with riser installation, we offer a septic tank locate service. This service is used for locating your septic tank and leaching bed for maintenance and repair. This service is also beneficial before you do any digging for home improvement or remodel of your property.

A transmitter is fed into the outgoing line from your house to the septic tank and a handheld tracker allows us to locate your tank. The optic cable and video scope lets our servicemen see inside the drain pipe and make you aware of any problems that may be inside the septic tank.

Riser Installation 

Central Sanitation will install septic tank risers that will make your septic tank visible for easy inspection and pumping. A septic riser is a column that goes from the top of the septic tank to ground level. Risers are sealed so vapours will not exit your septic tank. Two risers are required so you will have access to each chamber. 

Biological Digestant 

Flush our septic tank additive packets once per month for a trouble-free tank.

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